[OWLS October Blog Tour] Heart Like A Grave

Greetings, it’s me once again who can’t stop talking about visual novels will talk about music and a little bit about light novels later on. Fantasy it is!

In the month of October, we will be exploring the world of fantasy in pop culture. The genre of fantasy focuses on telling stories about our external and internal environments. There are many ways we can interpret the word, fantasy. For example, we can talk about how a fantastical place could glorify what reality should be or the dangers of ideal expectations. Fantasy could also be seen as taking a “wild journey” or a “hallcuination” and how that can affect our psyche and well-being. Fantasy can also focus on our personal dreams and expectations and how those expectations do not align with our reality. Overall, our posts will reflect on how we view the fantasy genre and what we can learn about these pop culture mediums.

One of my favorite bands released a new album earlier this month. It’s their 8th studio album and what can I say… it’s their best one.


Under these cold northern stars
Songs are filled with sorrow
Brief is the time of summer winds
Moon is sad as the night

So, why did I chose this for the OWLS topic at hand? Because music can be a wild journey. And Insomnium took me on many journeys. Heart Like A Grave is no exception. It is a wild ride into a bleak and tragic world of melodic death metal. Sure, we see tragedy in fantasy stories. Be it the almost suicidal thought process of the last human in the future, struggling to live a normal life, falling in love, only to witness the loss of memories of the one he loves. Certainly not something out of the blue for people who ever had to deal with loved ones having dementia. It could also be a story about someone who gets kicked back to a „save point“ whenever he dies, with all other characters having no memories of that time they spent. Or a simple story during the times of war and star crossed lovers.

Heart Like A Grave is a full length album featuring songs filled with sorrow and sadness. These songs are based on stories from Finland, „translated“ into a more universal way for people outside of Finland to enjoy. The themes are the ones that can come to anyone. Being left behind, struggling with live, traumatic experiences, one’s heart turning black even though it was once pure and untainted. The lyrics are embraced by the melodic and raw sound of metal. Clear vocals were used for a few songs and the majority of the songs were sung in beautiful deep growls, almost a scream at times.

Even though I grew up with metal music as a child, metal was the what shaped my taste in music. It was the style that hit me right into the heart. When I was in my early teenage years I turned to bands like Linkin Park and Slipknot. I was sucked into this way of emotional outlet. After Linkin Park fell off my list after having changed their style in such a way that I simply didn’t enjoy anymore I discovered In Flames and soon after Dark Tranquility. I found my gem there. My fantastical world of melodic death metal. It wasn’t long after that I came across Insomnium. A melodic death metal band and yet unique in its own way. Unfortunately I’m not listening that much to In Flames these days. It’s not that their music is bad, it’s just not the In Flames that I came to love so many years ago.

Here the callous frost slowly crawls inside the hearts
Here the winter’s breeze will break the purest soul
Grown on this rimed soil, we’ve learnt to rue and yearn
Grown in these bleak woods‚ we’ve learnt to forsake our dreams

If I would have to imagine a fantasy world based on this record, it would be a simple world filled with darkness, just a step away from falling into ruin. Buildings crumbling under the pressure of time, forrests and clouds engulfing the lands in shadows. The only ones roaming these lands are the broken souls of those who suffered.

Speaking of shadows, there is a certain light novel that I’ve read not too long ago. A story about two star crossed lovers standing against each other on the battlefield. Both wishing for peace but neither of the two countries has any intention of stopping the war.

Our Last Crusade 1.jpg

„Our Last Crusade Or The Rise Of A New World“ is set in a world with magic but also science. Sounds familar, doesn’t it? The Empire with advanced science and Nebulis the feared Country of Witches. The Empire wants to kill all the witches and Nebulis wants to fight back against it. There’s more background story to it, but I’ll not cover it. Read the book, it’s good. One thing I want to mention is that it is almost funny at how close Our Last Crusade feels to our world when it comes to war. There are so many news about war and terror that it really comes to mind that we probably will never see an end to it unless all of humanity is gone.

The reason why I picked a LN by Kei Sazane is more the fact that the writing style of most of his LNs is striking a really good balance between comedy and the more serious tones, often also a bit more melancholic. Sazane is using just enough tropes to hit the fans but each of his LNs I’ve read is standing on its own feet. All of his stories are fantasy stories that also feel oddly familar to the world we know.

In another of his LNs with the title „Sekai no Owari no Encore“, we follow a guy who looks exactly like a legendary hero of the past. He’s just really weak and looked down upon by others. And yet, at the end he sets out on his own journey with comrades (who were also once comrades of the legendary hero). Sekai no Owari no Encore has the same charm. It feels a bit gloomy at times with just enough comedy and tropes to balance it out. I’m still impressed at how consistent Sazane’s writing is.

For me, the fantasy genre can be used to tell stories with a background in reality in a fantasy world or bring the fantastical things into our world. It can be something simple like „we have magic“ or unleash our real world issues into a new world and give it a spin. I think that you can come up with some interesting ideas on how to mess around with these topics. Saga of Tanya the Evil is also a nice example of having an alternate world with magic and how it plays out. Maybe just the same, just with magic instead of advanced technology? Our Last Crusade takes the Romeo and Juliet idea and places it into a war story with magic, science, and higher ups who may or may not be based on ours. Sometimes you have to go overboard to get a point across. Be it in comedy, drama, or something else.

I highly recommend checking his works out if you want something that is simply enjoyable. I also recommend checking out Insomnium if you don’t mind some nice metal.

That’s it for this month, maybe I’ll be back next month as well.

Yesterday, it was Pinkie’s time to shine!

Next up is Aria on the 22nd!


Until we drink again!


Fall Season 2019

Greetings, it’s time for another season preview and basically just writing down what I’ll watch.

https://anichart.net/Fall-2019 is as usual the place to go.

Plan to watch

  • Assassin’s Pride – The next level of „study or die“… not really though. I fell for the art of the light novel covers so I’ll give it a go. Besides the premise doesn’t sound too bad. Long story short: MC has to tutor a young woman, if she has no talent he has to kill her.
  • Azur Lane – I play the game, I’ll watch the anime. End of the story.
  • Boku-tachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai 2 – More sensei! I really enjoyed the first season, so I welcome the sequel with open arms.
  • Choujin Koukousei-tachi wa Isekai demo Yoyuu de Ikinuku you desu! – Long title: check, Isekai: check. Jokes aside, I’ve read a bit of the manga and it’s not too bad.
  • Chuubyou Gekihatsu Boy – Girl transfers school and is surrounded by boys suffering the Chuuni? Talk of having to deal with weirdos. I feel her suffering. I’ll suffer with her. SISTER! *cries*
  • Fate/Grand Order – Sign me up. I don’t like the game, I do like my fate girls. Story? Well, it can’t be as stupid as Apocrypha, right?
  • Granblue Fantasy Season 2 – Sign me up. Love the game, I just want to see the upcoming story parts in the anime. I’ll probably buy the anime BDs as well.
  • Hataage! Kemono Michi – A wrestler gets summoned to another world and then knocks the princess out with a suplex? Hell yeah.
  • Honzuki no Gekokujou – I really enjoy the light novel, it’s seriously a good (but slow-ish) read. I’m really looking forward to the anime. I just hope it’s not going to rush the hell out of it.
  • Watashi, Nouryoku wa Heikinchi de tte Itta yo ne! – I love the light novels. A light hearted fun comedy with loads of fluff.

Probably if I like it

  • Babylon – A suspense? If it is doing a fine job, I’ll be in. If not, I’ll drop it like it’s hot.
  • Houkago Saikoro Club – A group of girls falling into the world of games (obviously not a game world, ok?). I have to see how this comedy show will play out. But comedy is already a good point to hook me up.
  • Kandagawa Jet Girls Hey more shipgirls Oh, here we have girls doing stuff on Jet Ski. Can’t go wrong!
  • Kono Yuusha ga Ore TUEEE Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru – The protagonist is so OP but cautious. Y’know, having a spare weapon for the spare weapon just in case the main weapon breaks. It’s a comedy one, so it should be fine. I do want to give the LN a try as well. (No, no bookwalker ad from me)
  • Ore wo Suki nano wa Omae dake ka yo – A romcom? About confessing their love? The first few episodes will be important.
  • Rifle is Beautiful The anime that is funded by the NRA. Studio 3hz did some amazing stuff with girls using guns. Comedy + Slice of life.. could this be my fix for the lack of Sabagebu?!
  • Val x Love – Harem, fanservice, valkyries, if the anime sucks in terms of quality I’ll cry. I do enjoy my share of harem ecchi stuff. It’s just that if the anime looks bad then it’s not a fun ride. The story? Well, I don’t expect that much from it. The few manga chapters that I’ve read were fine, the art was stunning.


  • Boku no Hero Academia – Skipped it since season 1, I’ll not start now to catch up. I skipped it based on the premise.
  • Chihayafuru 3 – It’s been so long since I’ve watched the first seasons that I barely remember anything.. maybe I’ll do some catch up and go for it or I’ll wait for a certain someone to convince me how good it is.
  • Nanatsu no Taizai 3 – I’ve only watched the first season and I couldn’t be bothered to watch the second. It happens quite often with shows like this.
  • Phantasy Star Online 2: Episode Oracle – BUT THE NPCs! Yeah, does anyone remember the first PSO2 anime a few years ago? I’ll stay the hell out of this one, even though this is supposed to be different.
  • Psycho-Pass 3Still milking it, huh? I’ve watched the first 2 seasons and I’m not sure if I want to continue.. I liked the first, the second was just there.
  • Shokugeki no Soma 4 – Hahahaha, good joke. Let’s move on. Ok, not yet. I dropped the manga shortly after Erina’s father showed up. The manga was going on for too long. I’ll skip this one.

[OWLS September Blog Tour] The Mystery of Love

Greetings, it’s me the one who can’t stop talking about visual novels during OWLS posts. As you can see, it’s time for another OWLS post. The topic? Something I may or may not have directly or indirectly suggested. (Sorry for the trouble @ everyone)

When it comes to romantic relationships, what do we look for in a partner? What core values do we seek when it comes to building a healthy and loving relationship? For this topic, we will be discussing some of our favorite couples in pop culture and what they have taught us about love and relationships, the good and the bad.

The name of the topic: Lovers. The perfect topic for me to pick Kara no Shoujo, a murder mystery VN with a certain pair of characters that have an incredible chemistry.

Karanoshoujo 30.jpg

Let me get the important thing out of the way. Kara no Shoujo is an adult Visual Novel. There are sex scenes that are already putting it into the 18+ area. But the real content that puts it into the adult rating are the graphic murders both visually and in text.

But I’m not here to talk about the story, I’m here to talk about Reiji and Touko. Tokisaka Reiji is the protagonist of the story. A private detective in his late 20s or early 30s. He was formerly a police officer but quit his job after he lost his fiance. He lives with his younger sister but is out of the house for most of the time thanks to his work. Kuchiki Touko is one of the „heroines“ of the story. In my opinion she’s the most important one as she’s relevant throught the different endings and the sequel Kara no Shoujo 2. She is a friend of Reiji’s sister and she also asked him to find her „true self“.

True, the difference in age might raise an eyebrow or two and I get why. I think the word power balance could work here. Touko and Reiji are on equal footing.  All the interactions between these two feel more natural than those of other couples from VNs (including the ones of VNs that also spawned well loved anime adaptations).

Sure, there are many reasons why people fall for each other or are attracted. I personally think that the reason for their attraction for each other comes from a very simple place. It may sound lame, but not everything has to be complicated. Reiji lost his fiance. Touko looks for her true self. Both of them are missing something important or lost it. They’re simply filling in the holes left in the other’s heart. Sure, it would probably need more than that for the relationship to last but their’s wasn’t meant to be in the first place. Life is cruel and this is a murder mystery afterall.

Personally, I think that Kara no Shoujo did a good job at showing that a lot of differences don’t really matter at the end of the day.

Karanoshoujo 124.jpg

I’ve suffered more with this one because of the emotional ride than I have for a good number of romance drama stories. It all comes down to the writing and more importantly how much you like the characters.

Since this is a VN with multiple endings there are also a good number of other woman Reiji sleeps with. And while this isn’t new in the world of VNs thanks to the different routs I want to use this to tackle the topic of cheating.

Feel free to skip the indent section as it may be uncomfortable because it covers cheating

I try to stick with the physical aspect of cheating, because there’s no way that I can be polite when it comes to the emotional type of cheating. Y’know, for example if person A is in a relationship with person B but tries to go for person C but keeps the relationship with person B as a safety net. This is, to put it nicely, really unfair to person B in this example.

Now let me get to a simple version of the physical cheating. Let’s just say that person A is with person B. A doesn’t want sex. Not that A can’t for whatever reason, no. It’s just that A doesn’t want. Kinda like „nah, too much effort for a few minutes of sex“. Person B has sex with person C to satisfy the sexual desire. I personally don’t think that person B is the only one at fault here. It’s an issue in the relationship which should be adressed. Sure, if A is in a situation where sex is just not possible and B has sex with someone else, then yeah, it’s B’s fault. But if A simply doesn’t want sex then B shouldn’t be blamed for cheating. Seriously, it’s like a vegan blaming the partner for eating steak outside of the home. It’s just that this is nothing more than „forcing“ the partner into accepting something they don’t want. This isn’t a nice thing to do.

Also, there’s a saying in German that sums up a lot of the try hard nice guys who’re really thirsty. „Wer ficken will muss freundlich sein“ which translates to „Who wants to fuck has to be friendly“.

Enough about this now, time to wrap this post up after the picture.

Karanoshoujo 5.jpg

Kara no Shoujo is a VN that I highly recommend if you can stomach the murder scenes. The POV switches to the murder during these scenes and back to the protagonist when the crimce scene is investigated. The sex scenes can be skipped and they don’t add much except for „oh look, a sex scene“. The story directs you towards the true end with each ending you got. The more you know the more you are able to track down the real path.

While it is not the best mystery I’ve ever read, it is still a really good read. And the sequel continues and adds another storyline to it. I am really excited for the third and last title. I want to see the real ending of the overall story.

Karanoshoujo 251.jpg

I wonder if a murder mystery was actually a good pick for this month’s topic.. oh well, I’m not sure myself. But I really do love the Reiji x Touko.

The OST for this visual novel is outstanding.

That’s it from me for this topic. Make sure to check out the other blogposts from the OWLSmates!

Yesterday on the 24th it was Takuto’s time to shine with Michiko & Hatchin!

Next up is Irina on the 26th. Make sure to have a fine drink on hand!


I’ll see you next time!





Summer Season 2019

Greetings, we’re almost done with the spring season of 2019 and this can only mean one thing: A whole bunch of new shows are waiting around the corner.

https://anichart.net/Summer-2019 the list I use.

Plan to watch

  • Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou – Read a few volumes of the light novel, it will be a fun ride if the adaptation doesn’t suck.
  • Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru? – Cute girls doing heavy lifting? I’m in.
  • Joshikousei no Mudazukai – Comedy? Ok!
  • Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 – I really like season 1!
  • Kawaikereba Hentai demo Suki ni Natte Kuremasu ka? – Romantic Comedy with a Cinderella spin to it? Just with panties instead of a shoe? Oh boy, I’m totally in!
  • Machikado Mazoku – Looks cute and fluffy.
  • Tsuujou Kougeki ga Zentai Kougeki de Ni-kai Kougeki no Okaasan wa Suki desu ka? – Holy that title. Entertaining light novel, I’m looking forward to it.
  • Uchi no Ko no Tame Naraba, Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru Kamo Shirenai – LATINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Sounan desu ka? – The manga had some great art.
  • Tejina Senpai – Comedy + Ecchi? You have my attention.

Probably if I like it

  • Granbelm – I’m always willing to try a fantasy adventure.
  • Isekai Cheat Magician – Not enough isekai this season.
  • Lord El-Melloi II-sei no Jikenbo: „Rail Zeppelin“ Grace note – I remember the last fate anime that I’ve watched. I didn’t like it. I’ll still give this one a try. Can’t be as bad as Apocrypha.
  • Maou-sama, Retry! – Hell, why not.
  • Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator – Too bad it’s not Idol Accelerator.


  • Cop Craft – Maybe?
  • Dr. Stone – I could see me dropping this one quite fast, just like Black Clover. I’m always struggling to keep up with non-romcom titles from Jump.. Maybe I’m getting too old?
  • DanMachi – Season 1 was a mess, I couldn’t get into the LN either.. I guess I’ll wait for the first comments to see how the pacing will be. I just hope it’s not another season that tries to cover 5 or 6 volumes of the LN.
  • Naka no Hito Genome [Jikkyouchuu] – lol (sorry, I really have nothing else for this one..)


All in all, it looks like another solid season. Lots of shows to watch. I can’t wait to see all these cute Latina moments. A certain buddy of mine will enjoy the fluff just like me!

[OWLS May Blog Tour] – Happiness

Greetings and welcome back! It’s been a while since I’ve joined the OWLS blog tour but this is just because I had no idea what to write for the last two topics. This time is different. I have no idea but I will write about something.

Happiness is subjective. We all have different definitions of what happiness means to us and we also feel happiness in varying degrees. This month we will be exploring several questions describing our happiness in our fandoms, communities, and hobbies. Why do we find enjoyment watching anime or reading manga? Why did we decide to join the anime or pop culture communities?  Why do we blog about our hobbies or cosplay as our favorite characters? This topic is all about the passions we have for our interests and why they are important to us.

Happiness, I hope it won’t get messy.. so, first of all:

Non Non Biyori Season 3 confirmed!

Non Non Biyori Repeat 94.jpg

This alone made me smile for who knows how long. Seriously, I love this show. I’m a sucker for comfy anime / light novels like this for real. In the last few years I realised that I dropped a lot of story driven shows.. but I never really dropped a fluffy show to fluff up my heart & soul. So yeah, I’m happy that we get more Ren-chon-dono!

But as we all know, there is more than finding enjoyment and happiness in an announcement for a new season of an anime we like. And this is this bittersweet feeling when something ends. Sure, it is kind of sad but when you remember it there is this feeling of happiness. Unless it’s something so depressing that you want to hide under your table and cry (I’m looking at you Narcissu).

Narcissu 12.jpg

Okay, let’s be real here. I do find a lot of happiness in sad stories as well. Be it the full force of grief and sadness in Narcissu, a story where every word counts towards the end and has more meaning than plotlines in longer stories, or the well written scenes in Rokujouma which are sugary sweet portraying the pure happiness of the characters. Before I lose myself in the stories of those two titles I’ll try to make it short. No matter if it is a hilarious comedy, a comfy slice of life, a heart breaking story, or a beautiful scene making you smile and feel warm inside.. at the end of the day, they can make you happy.

Games are also a really good place to find your positive emotions. Be it a single player game that you finished or a difficult bossfight in a MMORPG. I’m a long time World of Warcraft player, even though I’m nothing more than a casual now. But when I was still in a raid guild, it was a blast when the tough boss who stood before us for weeks finally fell down. And this feeling is especially great because you share it with your team mates because you didn’t do it alone. Sometimes I miss being part of a guild and facing the hardest raids in the game, but I also don’t have the motivation to dedicate so much time to the game. I wonder if I should look for a casual guild..

I love it whenever I find a new music band that I never heard before and I get so into their music that I start wondering how I didn’t know them until now. It recently happened with the metal band „Wolfheart“.

But at the end of the day, I often use the word happiness to describe positive emotions that I have while enjoying the things I like. For me, the best way to put it would be something like „The enjoyment I feel when I spend my time on the things I like“. It sounds lame, but hey, it’s just me.


That’s it from me. If you haven’t checked out Aria’s blogpost yet, give it a read!

Next up is Takuto on the 21st!


Seeya next time!

[OWLS Februry Blog Tour] The Fruits of Adoration

Hello and welcome back to my little comfy den. I hope you had a good start into 2019 and you were able to enjoy the OWLS posts of January. A new anime season started as well and I am looking forward to all the new announcements for visual & light novels in English. (Please.. just give me White Album 2 and Fullmetal Demon Muramasa..)

In February, we will be exploring love and romance. The word selected is “adore” because it has two main connotations: to be loved and respected or to feel worshipped. We will analyze characters that give us a feeling of admiration and explain why we love those characters. We will also be exploring different forms of love (familial, friendship, and even self-love) and how those types of love influence our lives.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What a lovely topic we have for February. Don’t worry, OWLS isn’t sponsored by florists!

And what could be a better title to tackle than Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia)! A visual novel trillogy which had an anime adaptation. I will mainly focus on the first game of the trillogy because this is where the meat is for the topic. The visual novel is available in English, so you can go for the full ride if you want.

The story starts with the protagonist Kazami Yuuji transfaring to Mihama Academy, a school for a selected few. It seems to look more like a prison than a normal school, but that may more in relation to thee hidden secrets of the 5 heroines. It should be obvious that Yuuji’s secret may just as big as theirs.

Grisaia follows the basic template of a story structure in a lot of visual novels (including everyone’s beloved Clannad). It starts with a rather long hilarious common route which then splits into the 5 different heroine routes and each goes through the romance and drama followed by the bad/happy end.

So, how does Grisaia fit into this topic? Well, each of the 5 heroine routes deals with the theme of wanting to be loved and wanting to love. Unfortunately, the anime rushed through some of the content so fast that everything except some of the basic ideas were left behind. It also changed some of the story parts completely to „fit“ into the anime. It simply doesn’t work to try to adapt a 50 hour+ visual novel into a 12 episode anime.

Grisaia no Kajitsu 43.jpg

I’ll go into the introduction of the heroines and about their character just based on the common route. I do this so that I can avoid the spoilers for the later parts of the story.

Michiru takes the role of the basic tsundere with blonde twintails. You know.. it’s not a real tsundere if there are no twintails.. in blonde. Ok, jokes aside, it becomes clear in like 5 seconds after her first appearance that this is just an act. And playing into the themes, it is an act to be more popular. Everyone loves tsundere girls, right?

Makina is the shy girl who has trouble speaking with people she just met. Over the course of common route she warms up to Yuuji and even develops quite a foul mouth which is often used for some high quality jokes. She simply wants the love she didn’t get.

Sachi, the maid who fulfills every request with 100% of her strength is another one of the messed up characters. She is the maid because a good girl listens to any request, right? No matter how weird, she fulfulls it.

Amane is the big sister character who is strangely fond of Yuuji. To the point that she breaks into his room only to find it empty. Her reason for trying so hard to give Yuuji some love comes from a bigger connection to him than we could expect from her introduction alone.

Yumiko the master of the box cutter, the master of the internet, the quiet girl who tries to keep the others at a distance. But her loneliness is obvious. It is nice to see her enjoying the fun times with the others throughout the story.

Grisaia no Kajitsu 92.jpg

The character routes are going into detail of how the heroines became the mess they are and what life took from them that they now seek or want to give to someone else. Grisaia is one of those visual novels that knows what it is, what it wants to be and how it is going to do it. Be it over the top comedy, heartwarming romance or tearjerking drama.. you get the full package with it.

The second game in the trillogy is telling the story of Yuuji’s past and the last game is wrapping things up. Overall, it was a really enjoyable ride and it is one of the visual novels that I recommend without a second thought.

This is it from me for this month and depending on the topic, I’ll be back next month.

If you haven’t checked out yesterday’s post from Aria make sure you do it!

Next up is Mel with something magical!

[OWLS December Blog Tour] The Miracle(s) of World End

Greetings and welcome back! It’s the last month of the year with only a few more days until the dawn of the new year. With the remaining time of this year I would like to take on the story of a world after its end. It sounds weird for this month’s topic, but trust me… it will work out… probably.

Tis the season where miracles happen. For December’s theme, we will be exploring faith in anime and pop culture. We will discuss some of the miracles that enter a character’s life during their darkest moments. Some of their questions we will explore is how does a “miracle” change a person’s life? How do we define miracles? Can miracles only happen due to a legend or a mystical being? Or do miracles happen every day, but we just don’t see it? We hope that you enjoy this holiday season! Happy Holidays! –  the OWLS Team ❤

What else could I pick besides World End (Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?)? Nothing. I know, I am a bit of a weird person, but I just have a thing for this type of stories. Especially if we have the „miracle of a second chance in life“ not be so happy go lucky as someone would like to.

World End is a light novel written by Akira Kareno with illustrations by Ue. An anime adaptation covering the volumes 1 – 3 aired from April to June in 2017. The anime was a lovely adaptation with one of the very best versions of the classic song „Scarborough Fair“ sung by Tamaru Yamada.

What is World End about? The story is set 500 years after the end of the world. At least the end of the world on the surface of the planet. After a war and the appearance of seventeen beasts which destroyed the surface in a matter of weeks. The other races managed to be saved by a sage who used magic to lift masses of land into the air as floating islands. This brings us to the present day of the story and the protagonist Willem who is the last remaining human being. He was found on the surface in stone form and is now working odd jobs to pay off his debts.

He was offered a job by his friend and one of the people who found him. This is a job at a warehouse to keep weapons in check. To his surprise, the weapons are old weapons he knows wielded by fairies, young looking girls who can be seen as disposable tools to fight the beasts. The story has a strong theme of finding a place to call home and a reason to live.

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka 384.jpg

For me the miracle of this story isn’t as much in Willem surviving these 500 years as it lies within the little things that are portrayed in this melancholic tale. Forging bonds with different people and moving forward with this new life. Please don’t forget that Willem is not just out of place, he is also out of time. These are the real miracles for me. Miracles can be found everywhere. It’s not always this extremely huge something that happened that we can call miracle. And we can’t forget that it is also different for each person.

As much as Willem’s situation could be called a miracle, it can also be seen as a curse. Being freed from the petrification brings the sadness. He is the only one left. Everyone and everything he knew is gone. And the novel is doing a great job at showing his struggles with his day to day life at the warehouse. He was once a warrior he went to battle and left his family at home waiting for him to return… now he is the caretaker of the young girls who go to battle while he waits for their return.

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka 148.jpg

It’s nice to see a bit of a different take on the „everything has a price“ idea. Sure, it is easy to say that he may pay just a little bit in form of his debts and maybe his depression and struggles for being alive, but this is surely a huge price to pay. On the other hand, he is now surrounded by people who like him and he has a place to call home. So even the tragic things that happened invited something good.


Thanks for sticking until the end for this weird take of the miracle.

If you want more about miracles, please check out YumDeku’s previous OWLS post!

This concludes this month’s comfy holiday blog tour. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve and I hope we’ll see you next month and year again!


I wish you a nice start into 2019!

Winter 2019 Anime Previews

Greetings! The year is almost over and this means that the next anime season is ready to start. I’m just listing a few shows that got my attention one way or another.

http://anichart.net/Winter-2019 has the list for the upcoming shows.

Plan to watch

  • Boogiepop wa Warawanai – Old school light novel? Yup.
  • Date A Live 3 – Origami is back!
  • Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai – If they don’t screw it up, it will be fun.
  • Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari – I have yet to read the LN.. but the manga is good. Headpats ho!
  • Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! – Cute girls by Doga Kobo? Do you even have to ask?

Probably if I like it

  • 5-Toubun no Hanayome – Romantic Comedy with fanservice and 5 girls sounds like my thing.
  • Circlet Princess – e-sport with cute girls and next generation augmented reality tech? Can’t be worse than…
  • Dororo – Fantasy + drama sounds cool.
  • Girly Air Force – Somehow reminds me of „Aoki Hagane no Arupejio„.
  • Kakegurui XX – Yeah.. I’ve watched the first season. The enjoyment dropped along the runtime. Let’s see if I’ll manage to finish this one.
  • Mob Psycho 100 2 – I wonder if I’ll get scammed into watching it.
  • Ueno-san wa Bukiyou – For the power of science!

I’ll give it a try

  • Domestic na Kanojo – I hope they’re making it not as boring as the manga.
  • Doukyonin wa Hiza, Tokidoki, Atama no Ue. – Cats are cute.
  • Mahou Shoujo Tokushusen Asuka – Mahou Shoujos with guns? Why not.
  • Pastel Memories – Please be better than Plastic Memories, please be better than … (Key Visual looks cute)

The winter season looks like a good season. I wonder if I should write an update-post about the shows that I’ve continued to watch and which ones I dropped. Well, we’ll see.

[OWLS November Blog Tour] Ef and Myself;Yourself

And here we are, almost at the end of this year which was a wild ride in terms of anime and light novels for me. But for this month’s blog tour I’ll pick two older titles that I can’t help but love. The topic is „thankful“ and I had a tough time to figure out how to tackle this one.

Here at OWLS, we are pretty thankful that we are able to come together as a community and share a love and appreciation for anime and manga. This month we will be showcasing our appreciation by giving a shout out post to our favorite manga artists, creators, production companies, and writers who produced some of our favorite works. We will be discussing our favorite works by these creators and our reasons as to why we appreciate them.

The first title I’ll pick is Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two, a visual novel developed by Minori and written by Kagami Yuu and Mikage. The PC version is split into two parts called „Ef: The First Tale“ and „Ef: The Latter Tale“. The story was also adapted into an anime series with the title „Ef: A Tale of Memories“ and „Ef: A Tale of Melodies“ by the animation studio Shaft. A little fun fact.. Makoto Shinkai was the director for the opening of the visual novel.

I personally watched the anime first and then read the visual novel. And for the last few anime adaptations of visual novels that I’ve read… I was really disappointed. Yes, I’m still mad that Rewrite and Grisaia were so meh. But praise Shaft for delivering a great anime of a great visual novel.

So, what is Ef about? It’s a romance drama story about 5 couples with a little bit of a supernatural element on it. No, don’t worry. It’s not that we have the magical happy end because reasons. Surprisingly, only 3 out of the 5 male protagonists are high school students. There were flashbacks for the relationship between Himura Yuu and Amamiya Yuuko when they were in high school though. The stories of Himura and Kuze were my favorites. I don’t know if this is because these two guys are older than the others or if it is just because of the actual story.. maybe both?

And if I really had to summarize their stories with just a few words.. I’d say that it is about moving on and finding the will to live.

Himura’s story is about him being finally able to say what he wanted to say and move on. His relationship with Yuuko ended way too early in a tragic way and it is one of the main events that formed his later personality.

The story for Kuze is.. well, he has an terminal illness and was making sure to keep everyone at a distance and tie up a few loose ends so that he is ready for when his time comes. He was not willing to risk the medical treatment to give him more time which changed throughout the story thanks to him falling in love. It sounds not that interesting, but I really liked it.

There are 3 more stories for the remaining characters. I’m not going to talk about them because they don’t really offer anything beyond your normal teenage romance with a bit of drama. Don’t get me wrong, they are really well written and I enjoyed them, but that’s basically it for them.

And the very setup of these stories is, that these are told like they are a tale. See, in the beginning we have a conversation going on between Himura and Yuuko about the various people they met, how they were involved in their lifes and affected them, and this goes for all of them.

EF 3 - Kopie.jpg


And here we are with the second title, which is also a visual novel with an anime adaptation. I have no idea how the VN is different from the anime because it is not available in English. So, I’ll mainly talk about the anime that was produced by Doga Kobo. I should also thank the company Regista who made the VN.

Myself;Yourself is a weird beast for me. I like it so much more than I should, but when I’ve first watched this anime I couldn’t help but have a really soft spot for it. Hold it dear, embrace it, and never let go of it. Maybe it’s because it is one of the rare anime that actually has the topic of suicide which is rather rare.

The story follows Sana, who comes back to his old hometown after many years. When he comes back he meets his old friends, meets new people and sees how much has changed in the town and also how the people he knows and loved changed over the last few years. There is quite a bit of drama going on, but it comes to an end with a happy end.

Sana has a problem with seeing blood, especially if it is caused by a blade. The reason for this is rather simple. He tried to kill himself. The reason for it was really intense bullying. And after waking up in the hospital, he tried to move on and so he decided to move back to his old hometown.

On paper, this is shouldn’t be more than your typical romance drama show, but yeah.. for me it’s much more than this. Maybe it’s also once again about characters moving on, growing up, progressing, you name it? I wonder if I have a soft spot for these stories.

Myself Yourself 25.jpg

I know it’s about being thankful (I am, really!) but it is really hard to pick a single person for these two titles.. so my gratitude goes to all of the people involved with these works. Be it the source material, the adaptations for different mediums, music, and so on.

Extra: Linkin Park

Here is a little extra that fits here as well. It’s about music. It is about one of the bands that had a huge influence on the development of my taste for music. I am still listening to Hybrid Theory and Meteora to this date. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who is part of the „Their old style was better!“ faction. I’ve stopped listening to new tracks around the album Minutes To Midnight. The change of style wasn’t to my liking anymore. But when it comes to the old songs, I’m all in! May Chester rest is peace.


If you haven’t read Fred’s post yet, give it a shot.

Next up is Scott on the 28th.

[OWLS October Blog Tour] Wonderful Everyday ~Diskontinuierliches Dasein~

I think it should be obvious, but I’ve joined the Blogging Crew „OWLS“. We’ll conquer the floating islands across the different skydoms, enjoy the fun times, and suffer together during the UnF party! Ok, I got a bit offtopic here, so let’s get down to this month’s theme „grotesque“.

In honor of Halloween, we will explore what we find vile and ugly in pop culture.  For this month’s topic, OWLS bloggers will be exploring characters or aspects of the grotesque in a piece of media and how it is a metaphor or allegory for society, human nature, or some other philosophical or humane idea.

I decided to write about Wonderful Everyday ~Diskontinuierliches Dasein~ (I’ll call it simply SubaHibi), a visual novel by KeroQ. It’s available in English on Steam.

This is a 18+ Visual Novel which includes themes of suicide, psycho horror, and murder. Not for the faint of heart.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Long story short: SubaHibi is one hell of a visual novel and it’s impossible to talk about it in length without spoiling it. This is why I’m only going to talk about the first two chapters Down the Rabbit Hole I and Down the Rabbit Hole II.

Nothing is what it seems to be in the beginning. SubaHibi is utilizing suspense, mystery, detective, and horror while unfolding the complex world of philosophy in a 6 chapter long visual novel. There is also a lot of Wittgenstein, classic literature, and references to pop culture.

The first chapter is intentionally poorly written. Most of it is slice of life with snarky comments from Yuki and how she is teasing her friends. We are also introduced to Zakuro, a rather quiet girl who starts living with Yuki. Ayana who knows a lot more about what is going on than she admits, the Wakatsuki twins aka Yuki’s childhood friends, and Takuji.

Subarashiki Hibi 20.jpg

The sudden shifts in tone are something that took me more than once by surprise. This is also the first time that a normal visit in an amusement park that kept me on the edge of my seat. And the end of the first chapter is something out of a dream.. or you may call it illusion. But this brings a certain question up.. what is real and what is not?

Subarashiki Hibi 42.jpg

In Down the Rabbit Hole II, Yuki meets a girl named Zakuro who she can’t really remember even though Zakuro seems to know Yuki. The next day the starts with a weird atmosphere hanging over the school and it is revealed that Zakuro killed herself. This triggers the real plot of this chapter and introduces us to the now completely different Takuji. His personality changed a lot due to the suicide.

This chapter turns into a detective story with a lot of suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat and a decent amount of psycho horror to fix your craving for the horror genre. I have read a lot of visual novels and light novels, and I can tell you that the writing in SubaHibi is definitely on another level. The mystery is a lot more of philosophical nature and finding the truths might not give you always the same answer.

It is up to Yuki to figure out what the hell is going on, but it is not just about Zakuro’s suicide. There are more deaths involved, shady ghostlike creatures, and The End Sky. Takuji is talking about a prophecy of the apocalypse and Zakuro’s death was the start.

Subarashiki Hibi 106.jpg

It is not that rare to see paranoia used in a horror story, but you don’t often see the birth of a cult out of the fear and how the fragile mind of a human works. You start to believe in something even though you would’ve never believed in it. Horror, traumatic experiences, and a series of events are truly powerful when it comes to change a human being.

The highlight of the second chapter is without a doubt the ending. It wasn’t hard to figure out who the culprit was, but it was one hell of a time to see how it was done and how the other mysteries may have a different answer depending on your philosophical views, beliefs, and life experience. So this is nothing more than the start and nothing less than a wonderful visual novel.

Subarashiki Hibi 97.jpg

And once again, I realised that I have so much trouble trying to avoid the land of spoiler.

If you haven’t read Takuto’s OWLS post on Magical Girl Raising Project then give it a read. MGRP was a surprisingly entertaining anime and it improved some parts of the light novel as well.

Next up is good old Lita on the 27th.


~ Nyanpasu