Gab-chan can’t be this cute …

Pasu! Let’s talk about the latest episode of Gabriel DropOut! Topics of this episode: Trolling Satania, going to the beach, trolling Satania again and the story of how Gab and Vine met!

Oh boy, they really did try to destroy Satania-chan!

Gabriel Dropout 174.jpg

They made plans to go to the beach and didn’t ask Satania right from the beginning and when Vine wanted to invite her, Raphi took over and hit Satania hard. And then it was Gab’s turn. It was a full power killing blow.

The beach scene was entertaining. Gab brought her laptop with her and they played the watermelon hitting thing. Satania was the watermelon.

What surprised me was the gathering at Vine’s place to make homework and Satania asked the question we all wanted to know: How did Vine and Gab meet. And it was hilarious. Poor Satania couldn’t believe and and she was freaked out.

Gabriel Dropout 241.jpg

The beauty of Isekai Goumon-hime

Pasu! Let’s talk about a light novel series that I’m currently reading – ok, I’m still reading volume 1 – Isekai Goumon-hime. It’s a story about a boy being killed by his father in a cruel way and then summoned / resurrected by Elisabeth to be her butler.

To say it with Elisabeth’s words: His death was crueler than his sins – which makes him innocent. What makes this kinda interesting is the situation of Elisabeth. Her task is to kill 13 individuals and then she will be killed herself. The last chance to do something good befor her end.

It’s a very bloody story but it is also going with a lot of comedy, so it’s fine I guess? And holy mother, don’t let me even talk about the art style. Ukai Saki’s art is way too good and Elisabeth’s dress is so eroero.

Isekai Goumon Hime 2.jpg

Aqua is useful? Even though she’s causing trouble?!

Pasu! I finally managed to watch the 3rd episode of KonoSuba the second season! And holy mother, I was laughing so much. Kazuma has a tough life.. going on every day with Megumin while singing the ExploSong and bringing her back home!

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 59.jpg

I kinda felt sorry for Megumin because she couldn’t go into the dungeon with Kazuma and Aqua because she’s literally useless if she can’t blow everything up! Too bad we didn’t get to see her drinking challenge with Yun.

Aqua on the other hand was quite useful against the undeads. And the scene with the Evil Mage was a bit on the touching side even though this one is a comedy series. Nothing serious going on, but if you think about it, it was touching.

la la la! *hops while singing*

Not an anime post! Let’s talk about music!

Pasu! Let’s talk a bit about music and the fact that I’m kinda pleased to see one of my favorite metal bands getting more or less back to an older style. I’m talking about In Flames!

In Flames is a great band and I really like most of their songs. But there were some albums which were kinda weak compared to the previous ones. But the last one hit me once again and it reminded me that they can still do it!

Sadly, I can’t say that for Linkin Park. I really liked their first 2 albums but their music changed in a way that I don’t really like. Bullet for my Valentine on the other side tried to „grow up“ and now they have every now and then a song that I like..

Oh, by the way, check out the band „Insomnium“. They’re great!

Don’t worry, I’ll be back with an anime post tomorrow!

I wonder if Kanna will say that she has two mothers

Pasu! We got another great episode of Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon! Tohru and Kobayashi are really growing on me and Kanna is cute and fluffy as hell! Fafnir reminds me of my motivation when I have to go to the store! lol

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon 145.jpg

I can totally relate to Fafnir! So much trouble when you’re out for some shopping! I’d love to go with Tohru! All joking aside, this episode was pretty damn nice. And when I remember the time when I was moving, it was most likely like this.. looking at stuff that I haven’t had in my hands for ages.

Having trouble with setting in the new place because it’s new and so on. Very lovely. The party was nice! Kobayashi is going full crazy once she is drunk! Poor Fafnir.. he can’t focus on the game v.v

Da Capo III and the message from the past.

Pasu! Let’s talk a bit about the visual novel D.C. III. We started the story with the protagonist having a dream while he slept in the club room. Trying to find a topic for the school newspaper, the students go ahead to the cherry blossom trees.

Da Capo III 13.jpg

The clubmembers went to the tree, placed their hands on it and wished for something. And while they wished the trees started to bloom even though it’s not the season for it! And on top of that, all of them got the same message.

The name of the sender couldn’t be read and the last part of the message couldn’t be read either – so the only part we got is the line that I’ve posted above with the screenshot. And not only that, but the time of the message is the year 1951! I’m kinda curious what the hell is going on.

I kinda want to see Gab in a maid cafe as a tsundere!

Pasu! Let’s talk about the epic tales of Gabriel’s daily life! Gab started to work in a coffee shop and she’s totally motivated! And of course, she has some problems with the language, because she’s a brave little girl living in a foreign land! (lol)

It’s nice to see that Vigne is confused by the current state of the 2 top students from heaven.

Gabriel Dropout 165.jpg

I’m seriously looking forward to the next episode. It’s one of those comedy shows that I like so much that I’d like to see this one going on forever. And I still love how they’re showing off Gabriel who’s totally an angel!

Question: Will Gab’s door be repaired next week?

Sensei-chan, because she’s a succubus

Pasu! Let’s talk a bit about our beloved math teacher. Why? Because she’s a succubus! It was nice to follow her around for this episode to see how she lives and how tough it is to go to work with the first train and coming home with the last.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai 163.jpg

You can’t go to bed and finish the day without a cold beer! But don’t drink too much otherwise you’ll have a hard time to deal with the next day… which she had. She’s trying so hard to not cause trouble for others with her succubus abilities.

She tripped and Tetsuo helped her and in that process, he touched her. Sakie was surprised that he didn’t react and you could totally see how this was one of the reasons why she developed a crush on him. But she’s not the only one! *smirk*

Already wavering, huh? That was fast!

Pasu! Let’s talk a bit about the latest episode of Masamune-kun no Revenge. We got a nice bet and the obvious outcome.. aaaaand a surprisingly fast wavering on Masamune’s side. Seriously, bruh? Going on and on about your revenge and yet, getting a lap pillow shakes you up? Are her thighs that godly?!

Masamune-kun no Revenge 125.jpg

All joking aside but personally, I kinda think it is quite lame that he is already wavering.. But I think we’ll get the revenge stuff a bit longer before he falls for real. Aki was kinda cute in this episode.


Love is not always a happy thing.

Pasu! I’ve finally managed to watch the first episode of Kuzu no Honkai and oh boy, Studio Lerche is doing an incredible job! The show looks so goddamn amazing and lovely. Mugi’s and Hana’s voices are such a good choice because they’re like what I imagined from the manga.

Kuzu no Honkai 62.jpg

I really liked how they displayed their mood, feelings and „suffering“. I’m really curious how it will continue because the anime will show the ending of the manga. Will we get the Mugi x Hana ending or something different? Or even what they’ve wished for? I don’t know.

But I know one thing for sure.. and that’s the fact that I kinda fell in love with this show in the very first episode. I really like the romance + drama genre.. but often it’s either lacking or you’ll get the obvious ending and you’re not that satisfied with it. But here, you get things right from the beginning and not some holding hands after 12 episodes.