Date A Live – Mayuri Judgement

Pasu! I’ve finally watched the Date A Live – Mayuri Judgement movie.. it was on my list for quite a while and yeah. Watched it. Enjoyed it. Flipped a table. I want a 3rd season for the Natsumi and Origami arc.. and I wonder if I should just reread those 4 volumes! Because? Reasons, fun and so on!

DAL - Mayuri Judgement 14.jpg

I really like the slice of life / comedy / cute moments of Date A Live. It’s really relaxing and entertaining. The dates with the girls were really nice and it was so cute to see how each of the girls tried her best to plan the date. I’m a bit sad that there wasn’t a date with Origami.. it would be glorious!

DAL - Mayuri Judgement 91.jpg

I’m kinda sad that Mayuri was „killed off“ at the end off the movie. She’d be a nice bonus to the current cast of characters! Maybe, just maybe… she’ll come back? And even to this date, Shido is still one of my favorite protagonists in the romcom/harem genre. His chemistry with the girls is really entertaining. And we need more Origami!


Chiya can see it!

Pasu! I’m going to catch up with Urara Meirochou and even after 5 episodes, it is still a very relaxing, calming and just enjoyable show to watch. As expected of one of these healing & feel good shows. Chiya is looking for her mother and wishes to become an Urara to do so.

Urara Meirochou 105.jpg

She saw a being that is clearly not a normal animal. She asked the name, she heard a sound after it and then she passed out. I think that this is a god or some form of higher being (no, not Being X – this would be too cruel). I’m looking forward to see the development of the young Uraras.

And based on this episode.. I think that their is quite the connection to Chiya’s mother.

Megumin is scared!

Pasu! After a funny episode of KonoSuba with a freaked out Megumin.. I decided to write about it. Facts: Megumin is awesome and Darkness is still a huge masochist!

Aqua and Kazuma were acting strange thanks to the corruption of money and Megumin was scared when she came back. At least she tried to talk to Kazuma so that he becomes normal again. (She’s a bit M too, isn’t she?)

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 172.jpg

The elite group of Darkness, Kazuma, Aqua and Megumin decided to go to the hot springs (fanservice episode inc lol) and on the way Kazuma brought Wiz with him. Darkness was the reason for a monster attack and this ended in the cliffhanger of Darkness being tied up in a binding spell and Kazuma apologising that Darkness is such a pervert.

I had a great time watching it and I wonder when I’ll get the first volume of the LN. It should be soon.

Ryuu no Haisha episode 1

Pasu! The first episode of the Ryuu no Haisha (The Dragon Dentist) special aired and I have to say that there are a few nice themes that are covered.

The only thing that left a bit of an sour after taste was the ending of that episode. I seriously hope that the second episode will make up for it.

Ryuu no Haisha 4.jpg

I think that the chemistry between Nonoko and Bell was on the cute side. Backed up with a nice quality of animation, art and music.

The way that the dragon was shows was interesting too. So big that people can live there. The action scenes were really nice and looked cool. The themes of accepting fate, resolved to live / do what you actually should do and war are not that rare in terms of  a concept to tell the story, but I do think that this is also an interesting way to go with it.

Ryuu no Haisha 26.jpg

Sword Art Online will return

Pasu! We got an announcement at the end of the SAO: Ordinal Scale movie that SAO will return. Which means it will be obviously (probably) a third anime season. Which also means that we’ll get the Underworld aka Alicization story arc that is really long. And it also means for me that I will pick up the SAO novels once again!

SAO 4.jpg

Am I going to look forward to it? Maybe. I like the novels more than the anime even though that SAO in itself has a huge amount of problems. But I’ll probably enjoy it anyways.. either because of the story or because it is so meh that I can complain a lot. Maybe both? *shrugs*


Kanna wants it too!

Pasu! We got another great, lovely and cute episode of Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon. This week was another highlight for Kanna. She was invited by her friend to come over to her place and Kanna brought Kobayashi and Tohru along with her. Riko’s older sister is more or less the maid and she gets along with Kobayashi – thanks to her love for maids?

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon 250.jpg

Kanna stays with Riko in her room and they get along and are getting closer and closer until a certain trio walks into their room. I really like how Kanna wants something like the thing between Tohru and Kobayashi. And Riko seems happy enough to go with Kanna’s wish.

On the other hand, Takiya and Fafnir are also getting along with their passion for video games. I wonder what will happen if more dragons will show up.

ACCA 13, more about the coup

Pasu! I’ve caught up with ACCA 13 and sadly.. I can’t say for sure which party will start the coup. And it’s quite interesting to not be able to point out who’s going to do it.

ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka 81.jpg

More than a few characters are somewhat suspicious in more than one way and yet it’s still hard to say who is just acting like this and who is actually going for it. And I like it. The build up is slow and while a lot of characters are acting suspicious, most of them are really just there to distract. No one is really showing their cards.

On the other hand, Nino’s reaction was priceless when he realised that Jean noticed him. I’m still curious about Nino’s reason / background. There’s more to it than we know yet.

Satania will be a great demon lord!

Pasu! It’s Monday (actually Tuesday – 3am in the morning) and we got a new episode of Gabriel DropOut which was HILARIOUS. I’m not even kidding, I was laughing for the entire part with the laugh-gun and more.

Gabriel Dropout 324.jpg

Satania was frustrated that her evil plan (aka child’s prank) failed and Gab-chan got mad at her. So she was thinking hard how to get back at her and it was then, when she saw that advertisement on the hell tv. A gun that is evil. She bought it and brought it to school. (funny how no one was doing anything aside looking at her)

That gun is so evil that the one who is shot will laugh for 10 minutes without a break. But as you can probably guess… it didn’t work on Gab-chan because she tricked Satania into handing the gun over – and was shot without mercy.

There was even a „shogi“ match and the helloween. But these scenes weren’t as striking as this one. Gab-chan in her costume was seriously cute. Laura & Charl would be proud.

Demi-chan’s are cute and adorable.

Pasu! It’s Saturday (23:56 while I’m writing the post) and it is also my first day of my 2 week holiday! *cheers* But who cares about that.. I want to write about the latest episode of Demi-chan and good lord, it was cute.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai 325.jpg

Himari and Hikari at home was really cute. Being noisy and „fighting“ all time shows how close they are. Really cute. Sensei-chan is still trying to not be sexy but she was doing the opposite for Takahashi.. she was happy that her succubus powers didn’t work on him.. and he was happy to have survived that erotic moment.

Machi is so adorable.. and I like how they’re sticking to her turning her head around to look around. And how she was patting Takahashi’s head thinking he was asleep… even though he was just reading. 😀

Bad guy of the week, stripping in Akiba

Pasu! We got another episode of Akiba’s Trip which is still going on with the bad guy of the week thing. Well, last week’s episode was better than this one because it was a bit different.

Akiba's Trip 190.jpg

Last week was the Street Fighter tournament and this week was an old lady working in a computer store, selling PCs and these PCs were doing stuff.. and a fusion. Nothing really funny here. Even the „love“ for Pyuko, Prof’s custom made OS was too meh to be really funny for me.

But on the other hand.. and this should probably be important.. Arisa ended up naked (in underwear) again. I’d be more surprised if this wouldn’t happen. As expected of Arisa? 😀