Alice to Zouroku – EP03

Pasu! I’m not going to talk about Alice to Zouroku on YT but I’ll blog about it.. probably. But for now let’s get into it. Sana was brought to Zouroku’s house at the end of episode 1 and in episode 2 she meets Sanae, Zouroku’s granddaughter. And now in episode 3 she was caught by that research facility guys.

We got some more backstory for Minnie C who works for those guys. Her only desire is to meet her husband again, but this is not that easy because he is dead. The rare point here is that she and her husband were soldiers from the US and her husband died in Iraq. We don’t hear this kind of things that often.

Minnie C’s character is kinda creepy but I would not be surprised if she’d switch side once she remembers how kind her husband was. Why? Well, right now, she’s not that kind woman.

And on top of that.. there is something that bugs me about that research facility.. and the guy „in charge“.. I don’t know what exactly it is.. but it drives me crazy.

Alice to Zouroku 37.jpg

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?

Oh my god. The first episode of SukaSuka (full name in the title) was so beautiful! The pacing was so good, the atmosphere and the emotions were spot on. Willem is just like in the novels, a guy with no real reason to live on who is just going with the flow. And Kutori is trying to get some good memories so she can leave without regret.

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka 42.jpg

Their future will bring happiness and sadness, for both of them. I am really curious to see how they will adapt Willem’s „breakdown“ in from volume 2 of the original novels. It is so far my favorite anime series of the spring season. And I really love the novels. They are so beautiful, melancholic and delicate. It feels like the storie will vanish if you are not careful.

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka 98.jpg


Pasu! The spring season is still at the beginning, not every new show started yet and most of the shows I tried are good enough to not drop it! The only ones I’m probably not going to continue will be Gin no Guardian and Warau Salesman New.

Gin no Guardian 2.jpg

To be honest.. it’s rare to see a show that comes by and leaves basically no impression.. neither bad nor good.. it’s like I was watching something and it was totally neutral.

Warau Salesman New on the other hand is using the 80s art style and is kinda following an episodic format.. not good enough to keep going with it. And the art style is not even the problem.

Looking forward to see more new shows of this season! And reading entertaining posts about Amazon’s Anime Strike lol

My love hate relationship with Seo’s works

Pasu! I’ve finished Fuuka and Kuzu no Honkai. And I want to talk once again about Fuuka and Seo in general. I have a love hate relationship with his works.. There are a lot of things that are pissing me off, things I want to complain about and yet I can’t help but to enjoy and like it.. why? I don’t know.

Fuuka 217.jpg

I’m serious, I don’t know why I like his works.. be it Suzuka, Kimi no Iru Machi, Half & Half or Fuuka.. I don’t know. The melodrama in itself has a lot of things to complain about.. but it still works out for me. WHY?! He can’t be that kind of genius, right?

Fuuka 206.jpg

Anyways, I’ll start reading the manga of Fuuka since the anime went full original story in the end. 😀 #Seo’strolltrain

Catching up with Fuuka: Episode 2-3/12

Alright! I started with my project of catching up with Fuuka. I’ve watched episode 1 when it aired but now I have 11 episodes to watch and to enjoy, … probably. We got some fanservice and no totally pointless drama.. but since it’s by Seo, there will be drama.. but I can enjoy his kind of drama more than from a lot of other creators.

Fuuka 139.jpg

It’s quite funny how often I get the „just like her mother“ from Fuuka.. man, I really enjoyed Suzuka back in the days.. and I really like the idea that this one is a „sequel“.. or at least a new story that is somewhat related to the other one. Will it be the Seoverse? 😀

Fuuka 145.jpg

Called it.. but hey, I think that Koyuki is a lot more likeable than Masamune’s Nopan-girl. I’ve heard that this one was going full original.. and here I’m asking why?! D: