A list of light novels I love


I’m still alive, not dead yet, and back to write on this blog. Why? I don’t know myself. Let’s kick this comeback off with a „toplist“. Why a toplist? I don’t know. Maybe I just want to make a list because I’m tired of seeing lists made by people who don’t know the actual light novel. It’s even worse when they are making recommendations of light novels that they haven’t read and at best know a bad adaptation (looking at you DanMachi). Oh, I’m not talking about the taste of people making these lists. I don’t care about what people like and what not, because everyone has their own taste. But it makes no sense to me to recommend something that the person doesn’t know.

Anyways, let’s start.


Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer is a very entertaining light novel that combines a RPG like world, gore, solid action with tactics, magic, gore, gore, gore with some blood, and something that another light novel whose name I won’t write is using to make people look bad and fails with it every single time. Goblin Slayer is not for the faint of heart if you can’t stomach gore, blood, and rape.

In this story we follow the main character Goblin Slayer on his journey to kill goblins. A lot of goblins. Is he the hero in a shining armor? No. Is he the weird adventurer to kill goblins like this despite not being a newbie? Yes. Does it make sense in the story? Yup, don’t worry about it. The characters are entertaining and their dynamics are fun to read. There’s an upcoming anime for Goblin Slayer and I can say that I’m looking forward to it.


My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected

Now, here comes a big one. A pure slice of life / drama story with well written characters and a protagonist who is quite self-destructive. We all know the high school club stories that are about nothing, music, or a dictator destroying the universe if she gets bored. So, what makes OreGairu different? Well, it’s the characters dealing with their down to earth problems,  not being understood, and not being able to convey what you actually meant. It may sound boring but just add a lot of sarcasm to it and you are ready to enjoy this delicious cocktail.

Hachiman the protagonist is a flawed, self-destructive, cynical high school kid who is forced to join the Service Club. The club president Yukino is just as cynical as he is. The last one of the trio is Yui, the outgoing person who is hanging around the cool kids just to start visit the club more often. Watching these characters grow and handle the different requests for the club is fun and sometimes depressing.


The Faraway Paladin

What if you combine the reincarnation isekai with a classic fantasy story like Lord of the Rings? You’ll probably get this one. The Faraway Paladin is a huge epic fantasy saga set in a world with different gods, a big focus on faith, magic, swords, and everything else you can think of. The memory of the past live is nothing more than a reminder of how William’s life used to be and what he has to do so that he won’t go back to it. The first volume shows us the raising of William and the second volume sends him out into the world.

This story is a great magic system that makes sense and is actually easy to understand. The source of William’s strength, his motivation, and his goals are nothing out of this world. The characters are well written and don’t fall in your typical trops. This book was teaching me something very important.. don’t trust an elf when it comes to time. There is action, a lot of it and it is great. Pump iron and believe in your muscle.


Infinite Dendrogram

In my opinion the best VRMMO story that I’ve ever read. No death game or transported to another world that is just like the game you played before. It’s a game and you can log out. There are quite a lot of mysteries behind the Game „Infinite Dendrogram“ in the story and I’m sure we’ll get to this in the future. This story has great comedy, action, Nemesis, Gacha, Bear puns, and everything else you could wish from a story with a VRMMO setting.

Imagine a game world that is permanent. No respawning NPCs and no quests to come back to later. If a quests pops up you can either do it or never be able to do it again. NPC A dies? Well, that’s it then. No respawn and other NPCs will mourn. This game is like a real world and less of a game. But if the player who dies ingame will just get a 24h timeout and be able to come back later. For the people of the game world the player is simply „on the other side“. This alone is quite interesting. Every player aka Master gets an embryo that is developing based on the psyche of the master. I was asking myself so often what type of person a player is in reallife based on their embryo.


The Empty Box and The Zeroth Maria

A dark mystery with well used timeloop twist and the pure-white sweetness of despair. I’m not kidding here, this story is dark, it is serious, and it doesn’t have the comic relief to give you a break from the suffering. Time travel and a timeloop is nothing new but to have a story that is using the timeloop like this is rare. The book jumps between the different iterations just to tell you enough that you need to know at the moment. You’ll go back and forth to learn more and more about what is going on while you try to figure out what is causing the timeloop. We see the mental breakdown of characters and the reason behind it.

The characters are well written and the mystery keeps you hooked. I was going back to certain loops because I was fooled by the author into seeing something that wasn’t what I thought it would be. It’s very entertaining in a way but on the other side it can be hard to read because it is quite heavy.


Invaders of the Rokujouma?!

The battle between different beings for a single room in a comfy apartment complex. Ghosts, magical girls, aliens, underground people, and a normal high school boy are fighting over the room. Rokujouma has a huge cast of likeable characters, a lot of comedy, and action. This will turn into a harem but it is different from the usual „new girl shows up > protagonist saves the day > girl falls for him“ pattern. How is it different? Rokujouma introduces all of the main characters in the very first volume and is giving them time to grow. It has some of the best character development you can find in any harem story. The characters are introduced as your typical character trope but they grow, develop, and become much more than this.

The start of the story is rather simple as the different people are after that room. The ghost is waiting for her parents to come home, the magical girl wants to defend it from the evil magical girls who are after the magic power in it, the aliens are there for a trial, and the underground person wants to use it as a base of operatian for the invasion of the surface. Everyone is having their own share of problems and troubles.


And this is a list of light novels that I love. There are many others that I haven’t listed here. Anime Expo is around the corner and I’m really hoping that we’ll get some nice announcements for some new licenses.