Catching up on „The Devil is a Part-Timer“ (Novel)


just like my title suggests I’ll be talking about the fun cast of The Devil is a Part-Timer. I’m more or less reading a couple of volumes back to back before I’ll switch to How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom (volume 7). And while I’m reading this fun light novel I’m always thinking about the down to earth and solid development of the relationships between the different characters.

I’ll take especially a look at Emi Yusa (the Hero), Sadao Maou (The Devil King), and Chiho Sasaki (High School Girl & Workmate of Maou) since they are the main 3 characters (in volume 1). I know I know, I should show some love for Ashiya / Alciel.. he is good husband material. That’s enough love for him.

Emi starts as the arch enemy of Maou and is driven by her desire for vengeance. She hates Maou because he is the reason why her father died in the events of Maou’s invasion of Ente Isla, Emi’s home world. One of the more simple and strongest things about their relationship how it changes over time but still stays true to this very root of vengeance. This becomes more complicated later on when Maou and Emi are forced to pull on the same strand for the sake of taking care of [spoiler].

Maou who was once trying to conquer Ente Isla and tasting defeat by the hands of mankind and the Hero is now trying to live in modern Japan while working at McRonalds. Once feared as the cruel Devil King, now looked up to by Chiho and respected by other people he knows for his hardworking personality. It’s really fun to see the struggle of Emi and also Suzuno when it comes to how Maou was as the Devil King in Ente Isla and how he is now in Japan. And the question is often.. is it okay to kill him in this new world where he lives peacefully and even keeps them safe from the invaders of Ente Isla?

Chiho, our cute normal girl, who fell in love with Maou always brings a smile to my face. Her good natured personality, her innocent and how she wears her emotions on her face makes it easy for everyone to see how she feels. And even Maou knows that she loves him, but he sees her as his younger workmate and friend. I’m curious to see how Maou will respond in the future of the story or if Chiho will find another one. I think it’s also really nice to see that Emi and the others are not erasing Chiho’s memories of them but try to keep her safe when she’s involved in their own mess.

At the end of the day, almost all of the character development and also the development of their relationships takes place over a long time. This is why usually the „heroine of the volume“ ideas are failing. And there are a lot of light novels and manga that are going for this as well but after the heroine of the volume was introduced, their development comes to a halt. This is really sad.

I’m not going to talk about other things that may spoiler the story. Well, maybe in the future with a spoiler warning. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy their bickering and how they will grow. Maybe I’ll talk about How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom in the future as well.


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~ Nyanpasu still lacking his Kaos

More Than Just A Harem

Hello hello my lovely dear reader, welcome back to my little post where I’ll talk about one of my favorite light novels of all time and also one of the two that is doing the harem genre the best out of all the other ones that I’ve read. I’m talking about Invaders Of The Rokujouma?. If you’re curious about the second light novel that I was talking about it is How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom, but I’ll leave this one for another post in the future.

Rokujouma (I’m just way too lazy to use the full name all the time) tells the story of Koutarou who decided to start living on his own. He moves into the apartment complex „Corona House“ Room 106. To his misfortune (or fortune?) he finds out that a bunch of supernatural and otherwordly are after his room for various reasons. Now they are stuck together and are forced to live in that room.

While the idea of the beginning of the story sounds fun and entertaining, it offers so much more the more you read. We’re introduced to the core characters in the very first book and we learn the reason why they are invading this room. In a way, they are enemies in the very beginning which changes over the course of the story. And this is what makes Rokujouma so different from most other harem light novel/manga. We don’t meet the girl at the beginning of her story arc and she won’t fall for the protagonist by the end of it. Takehaya, the author, takes time to develop the relationships and the feelings for the characters which helps a lot to make their bonds stronger and it also lets me care more about them in general.

Luckily we see different kinds of relationships and interactions between Koutarou and the Invaders early on. Not everyone is fighting all the time, but Koutarou fights a lot of Theia in the beginning and thanks to this it shows the change in their relationship even stronger compared to the others. Enmity was the main force in the beginning, it changed to respect and friendship, and then turned into love.

I’m not sure if I should say something about it or not, but since a lot of people are going crazy over fanservice for whatever reason.. be happy. Rokujouma has almost no fanservice except the beach episode (volume 2) and a bit of teasing Theia early on (mainly volume 1).

There is another point that plays a big role in Rokujouma. It is the writing in itself, especially the more emotional scenes. The sense of sadness, fear, helplessness, happiness, and love is spot on. It may be sometimes a little bit cheesy but it never goes overboard with it.

My 3 favorite volumes to this date are volume 7.5, 8.5, and 10.

You can find the English release of Rokujouma on Amazon, Kobo, etc. A big thanks to J-Novel Club for releasing the books. You should really give it a try.

~ Nyanpasu who still needs more Kaos

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