[OWLS Februry Blog Tour] The Fruits of Adoration

Hello and welcome back to my little comfy den. I hope you had a good start into 2019 and you were able to enjoy the OWLS posts of January. A new anime season started as well and I am looking forward to all the new announcements for visual & light novels in English. (Please.. just give me White Album 2 and Fullmetal Demon Muramasa..)

In February, we will be exploring love and romance. The word selected is “adore” because it has two main connotations: to be loved and respected or to feel worshipped. We will analyze characters that give us a feeling of admiration and explain why we love those characters. We will also be exploring different forms of love (familial, friendship, and even self-love) and how those types of love influence our lives.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

What a lovely topic we have for February. Don’t worry, OWLS isn’t sponsored by florists!

And what could be a better title to tackle than Grisaia no Kajitsu (The Fruit of Grisaia)! A visual novel trillogy which had an anime adaptation. I will mainly focus on the first game of the trillogy because this is where the meat is for the topic. The visual novel is available in English, so you can go for the full ride if you want.

The story starts with the protagonist Kazami Yuuji transfaring to Mihama Academy, a school for a selected few. It seems to look more like a prison than a normal school, but that may more in relation to thee hidden secrets of the 5 heroines. It should be obvious that Yuuji’s secret may just as big as theirs.

Grisaia follows the basic template of a story structure in a lot of visual novels (including everyone’s beloved Clannad). It starts with a rather long hilarious common route which then splits into the 5 different heroine routes and each goes through the romance and drama followed by the bad/happy end.

So, how does Grisaia fit into this topic? Well, each of the 5 heroine routes deals with the theme of wanting to be loved and wanting to love. Unfortunately, the anime rushed through some of the content so fast that everything except some of the basic ideas were left behind. It also changed some of the story parts completely to „fit“ into the anime. It simply doesn’t work to try to adapt a 50 hour+ visual novel into a 12 episode anime.

Grisaia no Kajitsu 43.jpg

I’ll go into the introduction of the heroines and about their character just based on the common route. I do this so that I can avoid the spoilers for the later parts of the story.

Michiru takes the role of the basic tsundere with blonde twintails. You know.. it’s not a real tsundere if there are no twintails.. in blonde. Ok, jokes aside, it becomes clear in like 5 seconds after her first appearance that this is just an act. And playing into the themes, it is an act to be more popular. Everyone loves tsundere girls, right?

Makina is the shy girl who has trouble speaking with people she just met. Over the course of common route she warms up to Yuuji and even develops quite a foul mouth which is often used for some high quality jokes. She simply wants the love she didn’t get.

Sachi, the maid who fulfills every request with 100% of her strength is another one of the messed up characters. She is the maid because a good girl listens to any request, right? No matter how weird, she fulfulls it.

Amane is the big sister character who is strangely fond of Yuuji. To the point that she breaks into his room only to find it empty. Her reason for trying so hard to give Yuuji some love comes from a bigger connection to him than we could expect from her introduction alone.

Yumiko the master of the box cutter, the master of the internet, the quiet girl who tries to keep the others at a distance. But her loneliness is obvious. It is nice to see her enjoying the fun times with the others throughout the story.

Grisaia no Kajitsu 92.jpg

The character routes are going into detail of how the heroines became the mess they are and what life took from them that they now seek or want to give to someone else. Grisaia is one of those visual novels that knows what it is, what it wants to be and how it is going to do it. Be it over the top comedy, heartwarming romance or tearjerking drama.. you get the full package with it.

The second game in the trillogy is telling the story of Yuuji’s past and the last game is wrapping things up. Overall, it was a really enjoyable ride and it is one of the visual novels that I recommend without a second thought.

This is it from me for this month and depending on the topic, I’ll be back next month.

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