Catching up on „The Devil is a Part-Timer“ (Novel)


just like my title suggests I’ll be talking about the fun cast of The Devil is a Part-Timer. I’m more or less reading a couple of volumes back to back before I’ll switch to How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom (volume 7). And while I’m reading this fun light novel I’m always thinking about the down to earth and solid development of the relationships between the different characters.

I’ll take especially a look at Emi Yusa (the Hero), Sadao Maou (The Devil King), and Chiho Sasaki (High School Girl & Workmate of Maou) since they are the main 3 characters (in volume 1). I know I know, I should show some love for Ashiya / Alciel.. he is good husband material. That’s enough love for him.

Emi starts as the arch enemy of Maou and is driven by her desire for vengeance. She hates Maou because he is the reason why her father died in the events of Maou’s invasion of Ente Isla, Emi’s home world. One of the more simple and strongest things about their relationship how it changes over time but still stays true to this very root of vengeance. This becomes more complicated later on when Maou and Emi are forced to pull on the same strand for the sake of taking care of [spoiler].

Maou who was once trying to conquer Ente Isla and tasting defeat by the hands of mankind and the Hero is now trying to live in modern Japan while working at McRonalds. Once feared as the cruel Devil King, now looked up to by Chiho and respected by other people he knows for his hardworking personality. It’s really fun to see the struggle of Emi and also Suzuno when it comes to how Maou was as the Devil King in Ente Isla and how he is now in Japan. And the question is often.. is it okay to kill him in this new world where he lives peacefully and even keeps them safe from the invaders of Ente Isla?

Chiho, our cute normal girl, who fell in love with Maou always brings a smile to my face. Her good natured personality, her innocent and how she wears her emotions on her face makes it easy for everyone to see how she feels. And even Maou knows that she loves him, but he sees her as his younger workmate and friend. I’m curious to see how Maou will respond in the future of the story or if Chiho will find another one. I think it’s also really nice to see that Emi and the others are not erasing Chiho’s memories of them but try to keep her safe when she’s involved in their own mess.

At the end of the day, almost all of the character development and also the development of their relationships takes place over a long time. This is why usually the „heroine of the volume“ ideas are failing. And there are a lot of light novels and manga that are going for this as well but after the heroine of the volume was introduced, their development comes to a halt. This is really sad.

I’m not going to talk about other things that may spoiler the story. Well, maybe in the future with a spoiler warning. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy their bickering and how they will grow. Maybe I’ll talk about How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom in the future as well.


Song I’m listening while writing: Winter’s Gate by Insomnium

~ Nyanpasu still lacking his Kaos

More Than Just A Harem

Hello hello my lovely dear reader, welcome back to my little post where I’ll talk about one of my favorite light novels of all time and also one of the two that is doing the harem genre the best out of all the other ones that I’ve read. I’m talking about Invaders Of The Rokujouma?. If you’re curious about the second light novel that I was talking about it is How A Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom, but I’ll leave this one for another post in the future.

Rokujouma (I’m just way too lazy to use the full name all the time) tells the story of Koutarou who decided to start living on his own. He moves into the apartment complex „Corona House“ Room 106. To his misfortune (or fortune?) he finds out that a bunch of supernatural and otherwordly are after his room for various reasons. Now they are stuck together and are forced to live in that room.

While the idea of the beginning of the story sounds fun and entertaining, it offers so much more the more you read. We’re introduced to the core characters in the very first book and we learn the reason why they are invading this room. In a way, they are enemies in the very beginning which changes over the course of the story. And this is what makes Rokujouma so different from most other harem light novel/manga. We don’t meet the girl at the beginning of her story arc and she won’t fall for the protagonist by the end of it. Takehaya, the author, takes time to develop the relationships and the feelings for the characters which helps a lot to make their bonds stronger and it also lets me care more about them in general.

Luckily we see different kinds of relationships and interactions between Koutarou and the Invaders early on. Not everyone is fighting all the time, but Koutarou fights a lot of Theia in the beginning and thanks to this it shows the change in their relationship even stronger compared to the others. Enmity was the main force in the beginning, it changed to respect and friendship, and then turned into love.

I’m not sure if I should say something about it or not, but since a lot of people are going crazy over fanservice for whatever reason.. be happy. Rokujouma has almost no fanservice except the beach episode (volume 2) and a bit of teasing Theia early on (mainly volume 1).

There is another point that plays a big role in Rokujouma. It is the writing in itself, especially the more emotional scenes. The sense of sadness, fear, helplessness, happiness, and love is spot on. It may be sometimes a little bit cheesy but it never goes overboard with it.

My 3 favorite volumes to this date are volume 7.5, 8.5, and 10.

You can find the English release of Rokujouma on Amazon, Kobo, etc. A big thanks to J-Novel Club for releasing the books. You should really give it a try.

~ Nyanpasu who still needs more Kaos

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha 1.jpg

I Like Badminton But Not Hanebado

Greetings my lovely readers,

today I want to take a look at the „famous“ sport anime about badminton which is airing in the summer season of 2018. It’s Hanebado, a great looking and well animated show. But if we look past the visual aspects of the show, it quickly falls apart and it becomes clear that this one is just a bad melodramatic story that could be put on the same page of r/im14andthisisdeep.

The problem of this show lies with the characters and their relationships. I know that you need rivals for a sport anime to work but this does not mean that everyone has to be a prick. I enjoy a good show if there are rivals with a healthy relationship (Hi @ Harukana Receive for doing this right) but I find it really hard to watch Hanebado when everyone is just an asshole for no reason other than „this is deep and they are rivals“.

I played both tennis and badminton in a club for many years but you just don’t see such a shitshow in reallife. We should also take a look at the teacher/coach because they are just as bad as the all the pricks of this show. Our coach never ignored it when there was trouble between the peoples back in the club simply because it would affect the team in a negative way. Seeing the Angry Chick shouting all day long and being angry for no reason other than „I have to get stronger“ annoys the hell out of me. She should be the first one to be put in place by the teacher for harming the team.

Hanebado 12.jpg

Speaking of Angry Girl.. it’s new to me that you can have PTSD just because you lost in a match, seriously. Another girl that annoys me is Ayano’s best friend who is forcing her into the club just because Ayano has talent even though she doesn’t want to join. And no, having talent is not a reason to be forced into the club. And no, having talent doesn’t mean she has to be forced into this shit just because it is for the greater (lol) good. This puts Ayano’s best friend on the same level as every other prick of this show.

There are other points that are making this a bad show for me, but I’ll just say something that is good about this anime. It’s the quality of the animation and how good the matches are. It looks so good which is even more frustrating when everything else is just annoying and ruins the fun.

Feel free to give Hanebado: Everyone Is An Asshole The Animation a try.


~ Nyanpasu who needs more Kaos.

Titles I want to see announced at Anime Expo


Anime Expo is around the corner (it starts tomorrow as of this writing) and the big publishers are there with some new titles for us. I’ll split this list into a very short Visual Novel section and then into a much larger Light Novel section.

Visual Novels I want to see announced

Sakura no Uta written by Sca-Ji who is known for the VN „Wonderful Everyday – Discontinuous Existence“.

Summer Pockets the new VN by Key which is written by Hasama, Imashino Rio, Kai, and Nijima Yuu.

White Album 2 written by Maruto Fumiaki, who is also known for his Saekano light novel series.

Houkago no Futekikakusha written by Takehaya, yes the Takehaya who writes the Invaders of the Rokujouma?! light novel series!

Full Metal Demon: Muramasa is a older VN by Nitroplus. We just need more Nitroplus in general.


Light Novels I want to see announced

Date A Live sounds like a dream but I am allowed to dream, right?

Chivalry of a Failed Knight is as far as I know a title that quite a few people would love to see

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere is probably the only title that I’d say is almost impossible to get based on the number of pages each book has. I just want to see this one released in English.

Classroom of the Elite got a huge boost thanks to the anime adaptation and I hope that this one will be picked up.

Heavy Object written by Kazuma Kamachi, the writer of „A Certain Magical Index“. It’s a story filled with GIANT ROBOTS! (more or less)

Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan doesn’t seem impossible. And a hero being transported to another world again just to learn that many many years passed since he was there for the first time.

Isekai Meikyuu no Saishinbu wo Mezasou has an incredible cover art. I’d buy it just for the cover.

Wortenia Senki would be one of the isekai stories that is putting it’s money on warfare.

Yobidasareta Satsurikusha has an interesting start. It could be a title that people would enjoy reading.

More slice of life/comedy in general is something I really want to see.


And with this, my little list of titles I want to see announced is complete. There are obviously a lot more titles that deserve a release in the west but I’m confident that we’ll see more and more titles in English. The growth of the English light novel market is nice and I’m looking forward to where this is going.



A list of light novels I love


I’m still alive, not dead yet, and back to write on this blog. Why? I don’t know myself. Let’s kick this comeback off with a „toplist“. Why a toplist? I don’t know. Maybe I just want to make a list because I’m tired of seeing lists made by people who don’t know the actual light novel. It’s even worse when they are making recommendations of light novels that they haven’t read and at best know a bad adaptation (looking at you DanMachi). Oh, I’m not talking about the taste of people making these lists. I don’t care about what people like and what not, because everyone has their own taste. But it makes no sense to me to recommend something that the person doesn’t know.

Anyways, let’s start.


Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer is a very entertaining light novel that combines a RPG like world, gore, solid action with tactics, magic, gore, gore, gore with some blood, and something that another light novel whose name I won’t write is using to make people look bad and fails with it every single time. Goblin Slayer is not for the faint of heart if you can’t stomach gore, blood, and rape.

In this story we follow the main character Goblin Slayer on his journey to kill goblins. A lot of goblins. Is he the hero in a shining armor? No. Is he the weird adventurer to kill goblins like this despite not being a newbie? Yes. Does it make sense in the story? Yup, don’t worry about it. The characters are entertaining and their dynamics are fun to read. There’s an upcoming anime for Goblin Slayer and I can say that I’m looking forward to it.


My youth romantic comedy is wrong as I expected

Now, here comes a big one. A pure slice of life / drama story with well written characters and a protagonist who is quite self-destructive. We all know the high school club stories that are about nothing, music, or a dictator destroying the universe if she gets bored. So, what makes OreGairu different? Well, it’s the characters dealing with their down to earth problems,  not being understood, and not being able to convey what you actually meant. It may sound boring but just add a lot of sarcasm to it and you are ready to enjoy this delicious cocktail.

Hachiman the protagonist is a flawed, self-destructive, cynical high school kid who is forced to join the Service Club. The club president Yukino is just as cynical as he is. The last one of the trio is Yui, the outgoing person who is hanging around the cool kids just to start visit the club more often. Watching these characters grow and handle the different requests for the club is fun and sometimes depressing.


The Faraway Paladin

What if you combine the reincarnation isekai with a classic fantasy story like Lord of the Rings? You’ll probably get this one. The Faraway Paladin is a huge epic fantasy saga set in a world with different gods, a big focus on faith, magic, swords, and everything else you can think of. The memory of the past live is nothing more than a reminder of how William’s life used to be and what he has to do so that he won’t go back to it. The first volume shows us the raising of William and the second volume sends him out into the world.

This story is a great magic system that makes sense and is actually easy to understand. The source of William’s strength, his motivation, and his goals are nothing out of this world. The characters are well written and don’t fall in your typical trops. This book was teaching me something very important.. don’t trust an elf when it comes to time. There is action, a lot of it and it is great. Pump iron and believe in your muscle.


Infinite Dendrogram

In my opinion the best VRMMO story that I’ve ever read. No death game or transported to another world that is just like the game you played before. It’s a game and you can log out. There are quite a lot of mysteries behind the Game „Infinite Dendrogram“ in the story and I’m sure we’ll get to this in the future. This story has great comedy, action, Nemesis, Gacha, Bear puns, and everything else you could wish from a story with a VRMMO setting.

Imagine a game world that is permanent. No respawning NPCs and no quests to come back to later. If a quests pops up you can either do it or never be able to do it again. NPC A dies? Well, that’s it then. No respawn and other NPCs will mourn. This game is like a real world and less of a game. But if the player who dies ingame will just get a 24h timeout and be able to come back later. For the people of the game world the player is simply „on the other side“. This alone is quite interesting. Every player aka Master gets an embryo that is developing based on the psyche of the master. I was asking myself so often what type of person a player is in reallife based on their embryo.


The Empty Box and The Zeroth Maria

A dark mystery with well used timeloop twist and the pure-white sweetness of despair. I’m not kidding here, this story is dark, it is serious, and it doesn’t have the comic relief to give you a break from the suffering. Time travel and a timeloop is nothing new but to have a story that is using the timeloop like this is rare. The book jumps between the different iterations just to tell you enough that you need to know at the moment. You’ll go back and forth to learn more and more about what is going on while you try to figure out what is causing the timeloop. We see the mental breakdown of characters and the reason behind it.

The characters are well written and the mystery keeps you hooked. I was going back to certain loops because I was fooled by the author into seeing something that wasn’t what I thought it would be. It’s very entertaining in a way but on the other side it can be hard to read because it is quite heavy.


Invaders of the Rokujouma?!

The battle between different beings for a single room in a comfy apartment complex. Ghosts, magical girls, aliens, underground people, and a normal high school boy are fighting over the room. Rokujouma has a huge cast of likeable characters, a lot of comedy, and action. This will turn into a harem but it is different from the usual „new girl shows up > protagonist saves the day > girl falls for him“ pattern. How is it different? Rokujouma introduces all of the main characters in the very first volume and is giving them time to grow. It has some of the best character development you can find in any harem story. The characters are introduced as your typical character trope but they grow, develop, and become much more than this.

The start of the story is rather simple as the different people are after that room. The ghost is waiting for her parents to come home, the magical girl wants to defend it from the evil magical girls who are after the magic power in it, the aliens are there for a trial, and the underground person wants to use it as a base of operatian for the invasion of the surface. Everyone is having their own share of problems and troubles.


And this is a list of light novels that I love. There are many others that I haven’t listed here. Anime Expo is around the corner and I’m really hoping that we’ll get some nice announcements for some new licenses.





Alice to Zouroku – EP03

Pasu! I’m not going to talk about Alice to Zouroku on YT but I’ll blog about it.. probably. But for now let’s get into it. Sana was brought to Zouroku’s house at the end of episode 1 and in episode 2 she meets Sanae, Zouroku’s granddaughter. And now in episode 3 she was caught by that research facility guys.

We got some more backstory for Minnie C who works for those guys. Her only desire is to meet her husband again, but this is not that easy because he is dead. The rare point here is that she and her husband were soldiers from the US and her husband died in Iraq. We don’t hear this kind of things that often.

Minnie C’s character is kinda creepy but I would not be surprised if she’d switch side once she remembers how kind her husband was. Why? Well, right now, she’s not that kind woman.

And on top of that.. there is something that bugs me about that research facility.. and the guy „in charge“.. I don’t know what exactly it is.. but it drives me crazy.

Alice to Zouroku 37.jpg

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka? Isogashii desu ka? Sukutte Moratte Ii desu ka?

Oh my god. The first episode of SukaSuka (full name in the title) was so beautiful! The pacing was so good, the atmosphere and the emotions were spot on. Willem is just like in the novels, a guy with no real reason to live on who is just going with the flow. And Kutori is trying to get some good memories so she can leave without regret.

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka 42.jpg

Their future will bring happiness and sadness, for both of them. I am really curious to see how they will adapt Willem’s „breakdown“ in from volume 2 of the original novels. It is so far my favorite anime series of the spring season. And I really love the novels. They are so beautiful, melancholic and delicate. It feels like the storie will vanish if you are not careful.

Shuumatsu Nani Shitemasu ka 98.jpg


Pasu! The spring season is still at the beginning, not every new show started yet and most of the shows I tried are good enough to not drop it! The only ones I’m probably not going to continue will be Gin no Guardian and Warau Salesman New.

Gin no Guardian 2.jpg

To be honest.. it’s rare to see a show that comes by and leaves basically no impression.. neither bad nor good.. it’s like I was watching something and it was totally neutral.

Warau Salesman New on the other hand is using the 80s art style and is kinda following an episodic format.. not good enough to keep going with it. And the art style is not even the problem.

Looking forward to see more new shows of this season! And reading entertaining posts about Amazon’s Anime Strike lol

My love hate relationship with Seo’s works

Pasu! I’ve finished Fuuka and Kuzu no Honkai. And I want to talk once again about Fuuka and Seo in general. I have a love hate relationship with his works.. There are a lot of things that are pissing me off, things I want to complain about and yet I can’t help but to enjoy and like it.. why? I don’t know.

Fuuka 217.jpg

I’m serious, I don’t know why I like his works.. be it Suzuka, Kimi no Iru Machi, Half & Half or Fuuka.. I don’t know. The melodrama in itself has a lot of things to complain about.. but it still works out for me. WHY?! He can’t be that kind of genius, right?

Fuuka 206.jpg

Anyways, I’ll start reading the manga of Fuuka since the anime went full original story in the end. 😀 #Seo’strolltrain

Catching up with Fuuka: Episode 2-3/12

Alright! I started with my project of catching up with Fuuka. I’ve watched episode 1 when it aired but now I have 11 episodes to watch and to enjoy, … probably. We got some fanservice and no totally pointless drama.. but since it’s by Seo, there will be drama.. but I can enjoy his kind of drama more than from a lot of other creators.

Fuuka 139.jpg

It’s quite funny how often I get the „just like her mother“ from Fuuka.. man, I really enjoyed Suzuka back in the days.. and I really like the idea that this one is a „sequel“.. or at least a new story that is somewhat related to the other one. Will it be the Seoverse? 😀

Fuuka 145.jpg

Called it.. but hey, I think that Koyuki is a lot more likeable than Masamune’s Nopan-girl. I’ve heard that this one was going full original.. and here I’m asking why?! D: